Firesafety brochures

brann reellYou are responsible for safeguarding your house or flat against fire, whether you own or rent it.

According to the fire regulations, a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher are required in every home. This is regardless of whether you live there all year round or only use it for leisure purposes.The fire department recommends that you install a stationary fire hose or a fire extinguisher.

Smoke detectors should be fitted at the highest point on the ceiling, and at least 50 cm from the wall. Do not forget to put the smoke detectors in your kitchen, living room and bed room so that you can be able to hear them in case they go off at night.

If you have a large home you should buy smoke detectors that can be interlinked. When one detector goes off, the others will also be released. Once a fire breaks out, it will only take a few minutes and the room will be completely wrapped up in flames.

Below you will find more firesafety information in several languages. Do you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: brannvesenet@aabv.no 

Here you can find information about firesafety in several languages: https://brannvernforeningen.no/gode-rad/brannvern-pa-mange-sprak/ 















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